Organization of Cataloging Units in Academic Libraries


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ILS vs. Library Salaried Employee FTE

307 respondents answered both the question on the type of ILS used in their library and the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) salaried employees at their library.  Here are the results. The first table shows the percentage of respondents in library... Continue Reading →


ILS vs. Type of Academic Institution

319 respondents answered both the question on the type of ILS used at their institution and the type of academic institution.  Please refer to previous posts for more information on the respondent demographics regarding Academic Type and ILS . Academic Institution... Continue Reading →

ILS vs. Collection Size

313 respondents to the survey answered both the question about the ILS used at their institution and the size of their library's collection.  Following is  breakdown of the responses. ILS Used Per Collection Size Category The following table shows the percentage... Continue Reading →

ILS vs. Library Budget

186 respondents answered survey questions regarding both their library budget and the ILS used.  Here is a look at how many respondents in each budget category used the following ILS systems.  (For example, for respondents reporting less than $1,000,000 annual budget, the... Continue Reading →

What ILS do libraries use?

  The survey asked the following question: "What ILS do you use for your traditional MARC cataloging? Alma Evergreen Horizon Invenion --TIND* Kuali OLE Millenium Polaris Sierra Symphony Virtua Voyager Worldshare Management Services Other I don't know"   323 respondents replied... Continue Reading →

Digital Asset Management Systems used by catalogers

Since many catalogers are involved in one way or another with the creation of metadata for assets going into their library's digital collections or institutional repository, we asked questions about what systems are used for making these digital resources available.... Continue Reading →

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