Organization of Cataloging Units in Academic Libraries


Respondent Demographics

Outsourcing in Multi-Library Systems

This post will analyze how often and in what ways multi-library systems outsource cataloging.  You can see previous posts on the frequency of multi-library systems and more information on outsourcing in general. 323 respondents answered two questions regarding outsourcing of cataloging and... Continue Reading →


Cataloging Tasks – Analyzed by Institution Type

Several previous posts have shown statistics on what types of positions complete certain cataloging tasks and whether those tasks are completed inside or outside of the cataloging unit. We have now analyzed this data based on the type of institution... Continue Reading →

Multi-Library Systems

Survey respondents were asked the question: "Is your library part of a multi-part library system? (For the purposes of this survey, a multi-part library system is defined as "Multiple, distinct libraries who share an ILS, OPAC, and/or Discovery Layer along... Continue Reading →

Collection Size and Budget

Survey respondents were asked the size of their library's collection and the annual budget for their library.  Respondents reported the following:   Collection Size: Annual Budget:    

Digital Asset Management Systems used by catalogers

Since many catalogers are involved in one way or another with the creation of metadata for assets going into their library's digital collections or institutional repository, we asked questions about what systems are used for making these digital resources available.... Continue Reading →

Cataloging Utility

Survey respondents were asked which cataloging utility they use to create and add new MARC records to their local system. Out of 323 responses to this question, 289 said that they use OCLC. None of the respondents use SkyRiver and... Continue Reading →

Survey Response Rate

We would like to thank everyone that was able to take this survey which ran from March 10 through April 30, 2016. To give some context to the other posts on this site, here is some information about the responses... Continue Reading →

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