Organization of Cataloging Units in Academic Libraries



Outsourcing vs. Staffing

This post will analyze the pattern of outsourcing cataloging tasks as compared to the pattern of staffing in a cataloging unit.  The following table compared the average FTE staffing for respondents who indicated that they outsourced at least one cataloging... Continue Reading →


Outsourcing vs. ILS

  321 respondents answered both the question  "What ILS do you use for your traditional MARC cataloging?" and "Do you outsource any cataloging tasks?"  52% of respondents indicated that they did not do any outsourcing tasks.  Respondents uing Millenium, Polaris,... Continue Reading →

Outsourcing Cataloging vs. Faculty Status

This post will look at how faculty status impacts the outsourcing of cataloging.   321 respondents answered the question regarding outsourcing cataloging tasks and the faculty status of employees.  Here are the breakdowns. Do you outsource any cataloging tasks? Yes No... Continue Reading →

Outsourcing in Multi-Library Systems

This post will analyze how often and in what ways multi-library systems outsource cataloging.  You can see previous posts on the frequency of multi-library systems and more information on outsourcing in general. 323 respondents answered two questions regarding outsourcing of cataloging and... Continue Reading →

Specific Cataloging Tasks Outsourced

Since nearly half of respondents reported that some cataloging tasks were outsourced, we asked them to describe the tasks that outsource to vendors. The tasks that were reported as being outsourced fell into the following categories: Shelf-ready processing (including copy... Continue Reading →

Outsourcing Cataloging Tasks

Out of 319 respondents, a little less than half said that their libraries are currently outsourcing different cataloging tasks. As would be expected, the libraries that are outsourcing some cataloging tasks are the doctoral institutions with a larger staff, collection,... Continue Reading →

Outsourced Cataloging Tasks

When asked if any cataloging tasks were currently outsourced, 154 respondents (48%) said that there were some tasks completed by a vendor. The two most common tasks mentioned were authority maintenance and receiving shelf-ready items.

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