This post will analyze the pattern of outsourcing cataloging tasks as compared to the pattern of staffing in a cataloging unit.  The following table compared the average FTE staffing for respondents who indicated that they outsourced at least one cataloging task with respondents who indicated that they did not outsource any cataloging tasks.  326  respondents total answered the question about outsourcing with either a no or a yes.  The remainder of respondents who did not answer this question is also included below, along with the overall average for all respondents.

Do you outsource any cataloging?
Yes No No Answer Overall Average
Average FTE staff Total Staff 9.24 5.37 11.06 8.01
Professional Staff 2.95 2.03 3.69 2.71
Para-Professional Staff 4.37 2.10 5.05 3.57
Hourly Staff 2.00 1.22 2.43 1.76


The following table analyzes the breakdown in the number of outsourced cataloging tasks reported compared to the average number of FTE staff.  Interestingly, the greater the number of outsourced cataloging tasks, the larger the cataloging staff tends to be.


Average FTE Staffing
Total Staff Professional Staff Para-Professional Staff Hourly Staff
No. of outsourced tasks 5 tasks 34.88 9.50 24.88 0.50
4 tasks 19.40 7.40 8.40 3.60
3 tasks 9.95 3.15 5.00 2.00
2 tasks 8.89 2.67 4.22 2.11
1 task 7.64 2.86 3.23 1.95