Previous posts about cataloging tasks have given lots of data showing information about where the tasks are being completed (inside or outside of the cataloging unit), the type of position completing the tasks (professional, para-professional, hourly staff), and the type of institution (doctoral, baccalaurette, etc.). The following chart shows all of these different tasks and whether they are completed inside or outside of the traditional cataloging unit.

Traditional cataloging (original, copy, and serials) as well as cataloging policy creation and authority control is still mostly done within the cataloging unit. Newer forms of metadata creation (e.g. Dublin Core, PREMIS, MODS/METS) are split between inside and outside the cataloging unit (with a slightly higher percentage inside cataloging). EAD finding aid creation is the only task that is completed outside of the cataloging unit more often than inside, with most of this work being completed by archivists working directly with these types of collections.