Roles and Responsibilities of Cataloging Units in Academic Libraries Research Project

Presented to the Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group at the American Library Association Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, June 26, 2016.

The roles and responsibilities within academic library cataloging units have gradually been shifting over the past several years. To deal with these changes, catalogers on both the librarian/faculty levels as well as professional or paraprofessional staff have had to respond to these changes, shifting workloads to ensure that necessary cataloging tasks are carried out. This presentation will report on the findings of a survey conducted in March and April 2016 to investigate existing academic library cataloging units, with special attention to the type of work that is completed both inside and outside of the cataloging unit as well as new responsibilities that have been shouldered in the recent past or will be acquired in the future. The presenters will relate these roles and responsibilities to the size of the library (both collection size and staffing), the overall structure of the cataloging unit, and the unit’s place within the institution.
Link to the presentation slides