Survey participants were asked:

“What are the titles given to the para-professional employees in your specific library’s cataloging unit? ”  

Where the parameters of a “professional employee” were defined as:

Para-professional would include any salaried position where an MLS/MLIS or equivalent degree is not required for the position, although the employee may have one.

326 respondents replied.  Of those, only 282 had para-professional level employees. These were the most frequently used words in the title of professional level catalogers and metadata librarians.

351 unique titles were used to describe the position of a para-professional level employee in a cataloging unit.  The top 10 titles used (and the percentage of respondents using those titles) were:

Rank Title Percentage
1 Library Assistant 8.83%
2 Library Specialist 4.84%
3 Library Technician 4.27%
4 Cataloging Assistant 3.42%
5 Library Associate 3.42%
6 Cataloging Specialist 2.56%
7 Library Assistant II 2.56%
8 Library Technical Assistant 2.28%
9 Cataloging Technician 1.99%
10 Library Assistant III 1.99%