Survey participants were asked:

“What are the titles given to the professional employees in your specific library’s cataloging unit?”  

Where the parameters of a “professional employee” were defined as:

Professional would include any position, regardless of faculty status, where an MLS/MLIS or equivalent degree is required for the position. Use specific titles assigned within the library such as Cataloging Librarian, Metadata Specialist, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, etc.

Of 389 respondents who replied, these were the most frequently used words in the title of professional level catalogers and metadata librarians.

Over 500 unique titles were used to describe the position of a professional in a cataloging unit.  The top 10 titles used (and the percentage of the respondents reporting their usage) were:

Rank Title % of Respondents
1 Cataloging Librarian 10.3%
2 Catalog Librarian 8.5%
3 Metadata Librarian 8.2%
4 Cataloging and Metadata Librarian 6.2%
5 Technical Services Librarian 5.9%
6 Head of Cataloging 4.9%
7 Head of Technical Services 4.1%
8 Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services 3.1%
9 Cataloger 2.8%
10 Librarian 2.8%